As long as i can remember i had a significant love for all kinds of photography and art. I got my first doll house when i was six, for gods sake, whatever could i’ve been, but a creative?

My identity has always been to guide, inspire and to tell a visual story in my work.

This collection is no exception. It’s a love story to my family. My niece, my sister, my mother and my father. It’s a celebration of life and childhood memories…

These colours speak to me in so many ways. It triggers my senses and makes my inner poetry blossom.

I’m on a journey and i feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to work together with Hüseyin Turgut and Lightwork, giving me this total freedom to do what i want.

Everyone has a story. This is mine. What’s yours?


I founded Lightwork to pursue my search for simplicity in shapes and forms for lighting.

My passion for materials, specially metals, and the craftsmanship in every detail is typical for me and i am always on an never-ending endeavor in the atelier refining the finish, to unleash the natural beauty of the metals to create the right light sentiment.

The collaboration with Saša brings a personal reflection from his perspective. The result is a perfect harmony of simple lightwork shapes together with the sophisticated colors of Saša.

To collaborate with Saša Antić is like a perfect match to enhance the senses of light, color and design.